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People are searching for answers online, and healthcare is at the top of their list. Eighty percent of Internet users admit they have searched health-related topics online. Forbesreported that 93 percent of millennials are passing on preventative healthcare in favor of seeking advice and support through social media and using urgent care when problems arise. According to Google, search drives nearly three times as many visitors to hospital sites compared to non-search visitors.

What does all this mean? The beginning of the healthcare journey starts online for the majority of patients. Whether you are a hospital, provider, pharma company or any other healthcare service organization, developing an effective digital marketing campaign is critical. How can you do it? Learn from those who are already doing an exceptional job. We've outlined seven digital marketing campaigns in healthcare that we think are worth noting. 


Network Health

Best Practice: Use of Digital Media to Humanize Your Organization

Network Health in Menasha, Wisconsin rose to the top of our list with their effective use of video in their digital marketing campaign. Videos are great educators, but they are also excellent at brand building and establishing credibility. They used a documentary-style video to show individual employee stories to put a human face to their brand, like this onethat follows the journey of their Wellness Coordinator. This video and similar ones were used on social media, cable, broadcast and online ads. The result was an increase in brand awareness of 14 percentage points, driving a 2,400 percent increase in leads from TV, a 6,000 percent increase in online video engagement and an enrollment increase of 394 percent. Read more tips about navigating the digital landscape in this recent blog



Best Practice: Focus on Maximizing the User Experience

Eighty percent of consumers say customer experience is more important than the products and services a company provides. Zocdoc, a healthcare resource that helps patients find providers, listens to what consumers want. Effective marketing comes down to knowing what your audience wants and how they will look for it. Zocdoc provides a user-friendly platform for patients to fill in the info that is important to them, including what they are looking for, where they live and what kind of insurance they have. Users can view patient comments and ratings, as well as services and fees. Transparency is king, and Zocdoc provides it through simple messaging and attractive design that enhances the user experience. Providers can take queues from their example by using simple language, having clear navigation and publishing content that users want to see, including appointment scheduling, prescription renewal, physician communication and basic healthcare resources. Read our recent blog that focuses on seven factors that maximize customer experience in healthcare. 


Medical Realities

Best Practice: Use Video to Demonstrate Medical Device Effectiveness

We already talked about using video to build brand awareness. They are also excellent tools for demonstrating complex devices. Medical Realities, a company that specializes in using virtual reality to provide an immersive surgical training experience, did a fantastic job of showing off their product's capabilities using this video. Visual elements are processed 60,000 faster than text. Their video presents information in a way that is easily digestible and retainable. Additionally, showing real world surgeries adds to the product's credibility. Try video to demonstrate your product or service's credibility. Get physicians, researchers or developers on camera to put a face on the brand. 


Cleveland Clinic

Best Practice: Create Content That Gives Users What They Want

The key to effective inbound marketing is an effective content marketing strategy. Give users access to the information they want. Seek to educate them, not sell a product. Cleveland Clinic did just that through its Health Essentials blog. They've used this forum to position their organization as a trusted resource for a variety of health topics, including healthy dinner recipes, water safety, tips for maintaining mental health and information about specific ailments. How do they measure success? They used SharedCount, an engagement measuring tool, to discover their posts have been shared thousands of times on Facebook and pinned to hundreds of Pinterest boards. 


California Hospital Association

Best Practice: Use Email Marketing to Educate and Raise Awareness

The California Hospital Association proved that email marketing is alive and well. They wanted to increase transparency about hospital and urgent care services, essentially helping patients understand the best place to go for immediate care. They created a quiz called "Emergency Room or Urgent Care?" and used email and social media to engage the community. The email campaign alone drove more than 3,500 people to their website, and 70 percent of those completed the quiz. Try developing an email campaign to raise brand awareness, and educate clients about your services. 


Upsher-Smith Laboratories

Best Practice: Unleash the Power of Data in Your Campaign

Upsher-Smith proved you don't have to outspend your competitors to have an effective marketing campaign. In 2017, the FDA approved their drug Qudexy to control migraines. It had previously been used as an anti-seizure medication, so they needed to effectively rebrand. The company used provider data to establish prescribing patterns, aiming their message at providers who have patients that could benefit the most. Over the course of a seven-month campaign, they received more than 13 million ad impressions and 30,000 clicks. This resulted in a more than 60 percent increase in sales year over year. Clear messaging and targeted placement win out over dollars and quantity. Watch this videosummary of their success. 



Best Practice: Evoke Emotion by Partnering Social Media and Video

Huawei knows how to use digital marketing to pull on your heart strings. They created a touching video spot for Mother's Day that features a daughter expressing thanks for her mother's years of sacrifice. While Huawei does feature their phone in the video, the central theme is the mother-daughter relationship. The spot was featured on social media platforms along with a contest that asked viewers to submit their own mother-daughter stories. The video yielded almost half a million views, over 4,000 reactions, 538 shares and 208 comments. Take the focus off your product and use digital marketing to evoke emotion. 


The opportunities with digital marketing are plentiful. From targeted, data-based marketing to resources like blogs, videos and responsive websites, healthcare organizations have the power to raise brand awareness and drive conversions. Check out our blog Everything You Need to Know about Digital Marketing in Healthcare for more on these, or let us help you identify the best methods and tools for your products and services, by clicking on the Get in Touch button below or by contacting us here.


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