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Everything You Need To Know About Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Everything You Need To Know About Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations can use numerous avenues to reach out to their patients and build their customer base. Digital marketing, a multifaceted area, has helped to step up the outreach programs of most healthcare businesses. Email marketing and websites are great platforms for you to begin with. But that is not all there is to digital marketing in the healthcare sector.

Marketing departments in healthcare businesses play an essential role in improving the patient experience. Many organizations have, however, chosen to stick to the traditional marketing channels, including mail and tv. The shift to digital marketing could prove worthwhile for organizations that need to stay ahead of the curve.

Today's patients are tech-savvy, and healthcare providers should keep in step. Google recently reported that patients love to search for their conditions before visiting a healthcare organization. The internet offers solutions to most problems, and patients do not mind using that resource. Young and old patients, alike, hope to interact with healthcare givers online and learn more about what they can offer.

Healthcare providers who fail to invest in their digital platforms miss out on opportunities to interact with their patients. Your online presence ultimately impacts the relationship between your patients and your brand. You don't need a multi-channel digital approach to achieve great success on this end. Digital marketing provide unique opportunities for healthcare organizations to stay ahead of the curve.

Numerous digital marketing efforts count on email marketing and healthcare websites, among other digital solutions. The two options have a higher preference among healthcare organizations due to their ease of access and efficiency. With this in mind, you'll need to know how to get started with email marketing and what an efficient healthcare website entails. It will enable your organization to build relationships and brand affinity with your clients.

The healthcare industry continually embraces technological advancements to provide optimized care for patients. Given that the industry serves a broader audience that is more reliant on apps and websites, healthcare providers should work to stay on top of digital marketing. If you keep your organization at the front line of change, your clients will seek your services regularly.

With plenty of marketing solutions available in the market, we also provide a brief overview of how you can easily find your way around the digital media landscape. These solutions will come in handy as you make efforts to enhance customer experiences. Read on to find out more about digital marketing in healthcare and the solutions you can exploit.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing in Healthcare small


A recent survey indicated that people would rather receive email newsletters than count on Facebook to get updates. In spite of this preference, you need to do your homework to make the most out of email campaigns. Your target audience, their specific interests, position in the sales funnels, and demographics should all inform how to set up the drive.

Email marketing is also a great avenue to build your reputation. Send a couple of branding and storytelling emails to keep in touch with clients regularly.  You can create a rich customer experience if you use brand and customer stories in your branding emails. Transactional emails could include product review requests, promotions, reminders, or post-transaction emails. The welcome emails, educational emails, as well as re-engagement emails, comprise the branding emails.

Do you want to learn more about email marketing in the healthcare sector? Check out our recent article Using the Right Types of Marketing Emails for Healthcare Businesses.


Get Started With Email Marketing

Get Started with Email Marketing (small)

Unless you execute it well, email marketing can impact your brand negatively. Customers do not appreciate spam inboxes that don't address their pain points or interests. Purpose-driven marketing emails ensure that you achieve your marketing and business goals.

Consider your client's journey as you set up an email campaign and walk with them through it. Use your business objectives while setting goals to achieve success. With the goals in place, you can go on to build your email database. Existing patients and customers are an excellent place to begin as you set up the database. Learn more on how to get started with email marketing for healthcare.


Healthcare Websites

Website Customer Experience in Healthcare-1

An excellent website customer experience is also sure to scale up your business. Given that online consumers have become savvy, you need to put in your 'A' game to get their attention. Your clients are hoping for an engaging experience as they spend time on your page. As you are looking to achieve less customer turnover and more revenue, ensure that you set up a great website.

The hallmarks of a healthcare website include:

  • Mobile Functionality
  • Data based interactions
  • Authentic Reviews
  • Connection to Client's Journey
  • Personalized Content

Learn more on what healthcare website should look like in our post 7 Factors that maximize UX in Healthcare.


Navigate The Digital Media Landscape With Ease

Healthcare Media Landscape (small)

With this information, you are well on your way to enhancing customer experience using digital marketing. This avenue has, however, become flooded with numerous marketing automation solutions for you to choose from. Marketing automation involves setting up campaigns and analyzing the outcomes of your marketing efforts. The campaigns include advertisements, messages, call-to-actions as well as landing pages. Once the campaign is up and running, track unsubscribes, shares, bounces, and open rates to measure your efforts.

How then can you cruise through the digital media landscape comfortably?

  1. Identify the top media formats.
  2. Choose the most effective format.
  3. Always keep transparency and optimization on your mind.
  4. Make the most of available technology – AdTech and MarTech

Read our post on How to Navigate the Digital Media Landscape to learn about how to navigate the digital media landscape.



Healthcare organizations that hope to keep up with the competition in the industry must invest in digital marketing. Daptiv is passionate about creating digital strategies to enhance customer experiences and achieve your sales goals. Contact us to learn about our services and get help with all your digital marketing automation needs. We'll help your healthcare develop a strategy that will yield great results.


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