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Five Tips for Delivering Content Experience in Healthcare​

Five Tips for Delivering Content Experience in Healthcare​

Delivering digital content experience as part of digital transformation can be challenging, but it’s also an opportunity. Earlier, in our post The Five Digital Transformation Challenges in Today’s Healthcare, we highlighted how content could greatly benefit from data-driven healthcare marketing campaigns.

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To highlight the opportunities in delivering content experience in healthcare, we came up with five tips to help you on your content transformation journey.

Tip #1: It's Crucial to Define a Content Strategy

Resolving Bottlenecks

Healthcare has to realise that business success is driven by a strategic approach to content lifecycle. The industry is waking up to the importance of managing existing content and building the right framework for future content production. The key to creating content and managing it can be broken down to three elements: a defined strategy, cross-functional team alignment, and  automation.

"To achieve that level of content management efficiency, pharma would have to face the main bottlenecks of its content production process."

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Tip #2: Set up your digital content creation environment to actively engage and convert consumers from the first interaction

Content Marketing

The digital environment is often the first point of contact that a business has with a consumer. The true power of a good digital environment lies in being able to deliver an excellent consumer experience. This means one that is both relevant and compelling enough for the consumer to continue engaging with your brand. 

The key to building such an environment is managing the consumer journey across the channels and touchpoints relevant to your healthcare organization. Businesses today have the ability to control and manage channels, platforms and formats in an efficient and impactful way.

"Digital leaders are looking for a WCM system that can continuously support a company’s ability to create, manage, and optimise digital content."

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Tip #3: "Consider the role of technology and integrations with adjacent technologies in the changing imperatives of the consumer digital experience"

Content Management

The process of managing content consumed across multiple digital channels involves using specific management solutions. This is because using certain technologies such as IoT devices, AI, and voice assistants to engage with consumers across an ever-growing number of channels is no easy feat. Enter WCM, or Web Content Management, which is the process of controlling content consumed over one or multiple digital channels through specific management solutions.

“The WCM industry is quickly evolving in response to the imperatives of customer experience strategies, which include digital transformation and continuous optimization using, for example, AI. WCM technology remains essential for organizations on the path to becoming digital businesses.”

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Tip #4: Build a Content, Context and Consistency Glue to deliver Connected Experiences

Connected Experiences

The consumer-brand paradigm has changed. We have moved from a broadcast model to a dialog model, and today, we are in the age of the connectivity model. The connected experience that this model can deliver provides better utility to consumers. Since the experience is more relevant to consumers, there is increased loyalty, improved conversions and market differentiation. In order to deliver this type of connectivity, organisations must transform.

"63 percent of marketers surveyed said that further research into customer digital touch points was a priority."

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Tip #5: Tell a "Disciplined" Story to ensure good content experience


A digitally transformed organisation is a high-performing content organisation. Telling a disciplined story that is clear and consistent is more important than ever. The alternative is an inconsistent brand experience and an incomplete pool of data. In addition, your brand and business content needs to cut across competitor noise and the general digital deluge of health information that potential patients face. 

"The digitally transformed company is competing on its experiences, and that includes the content experience. Releasing undisciplined content across all of those many opportunities piles up and creates costly problems for the brand."

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