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Three Articles to Help Singaporean SMEs Identify the Right SME Digital Marketing Solution

Three Articles to Help Singaporean SMEs Identify the Right SME Digital Marketing Solution

You have identified that your SME needs digital marketing and now you are ready to make the next step in your digital transformation journey. Here are three blog posts that we have created to help you with your process of identifying your SME digital marketing solution.

1. Checklist: Getting Started with Digital Marketing for SMEs

A 10-item practical checklist for you to cover key decisions to be made.  Read (and tick through) this ten-item-checklist to make sure you are not missing any key component in your SME digital marketing plan.

Starting by setting clear goals, going through the selection of a partner and of the software vendor(s) (strictly in this order), and ending with key trends, this article will walk you through the process  of getting started on your digital marketing initiative.

Read more here.

2. 20 Questions to Select Software Vendors and Partners for Your Digital Marketing Program

Arguably, the selection of the software vendor(s) and of the partner that is going to implement your digital marketing program is one of the most important step of the digital transformation journey.

Four tips to help you think through the main questions you should ask:

1. Look at how the software vendor(s) and the partner are marketing to you
2. Vendor-specific fit
3. Partner expertise in your solution
4. Clear engagement rules

Read more here.

3. Daptiv Insight: The Cost of Digital Marketing for Singaporean SMEs

Our own analysis on how much SMEs in Singapore spend for Digital Marketing, and our point of view on how much you should be spending.

A typical SME, if engaged in digital marketing, will spend between $14,000-25,000/month.  Inbound marketing has proven to be more effective, and can reduce this spending amount (bringing digital marketing within reach of smaller businesses than ever before). 

Read more here.

Two More Interesting Articles to Help You Identify the Right SME Digital Marketing Solution

Not only the inbound marketing methodology has made digital marketing more accessible to more SMEs, technology and software vendors have a key role in this. Here are two articles to add more on this topic.

A great article form VentureBeat on how technology enables SMEs to compete with the “big guys” when it comes to customer communications, sales processes, and customer service.

Click here for the full article

Inc. Magazine's "Best Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses -- 2019" is an interesting point of view on "email platforms, free internet marketing services, sales automation, and overall platforms" for SMEs.

Click here for the full article

Finally, for the B2B owners: Top five reasons why digital marketing is relevant for traditional B2B SMEs in Singapore

We have heard a few times from small- and medium-enterprise (SME) founders in Singapore that they do not need digital marketing. And particularly so when they sell to other businesses (B2B).

Here is why we do not think that this is right:

1. First impressions count
2. It’s a way to find more business
3. It’s about convenience
4. It’s because of your competitors
5. Last but not least, B2B e-commerce is growing

Read more here.

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We hope you find these articles helpful, and we are here to help you should you need more advice.

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